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She was born in Germany, but she came to Greece when she was five years old. She moved to Kavala together with her family.
Despina grew in this Macedonian city. She was a very good student and particularly a sociable person.
When she finished high school she took panhellenic examinations and she was accepted to Thessaloniki University at philosophic school.
There she started a new life, make new friends and habits. And music has at every turn important role in her life.
She started singing unprofessionally at the beginning and quickly she decides that this is the job she wants to do.
Some of the artists who helped her in her first steps are Vasilis Karras and Giannis Parios.
She said Giannis Parios persuaded her to come to Athens telling her that if she stayed in Thessaloniki, it would be impossible to be successful as singer .
She works with these two artists and releases her first album by MINOS EMI.
Its title was "Smile at me (Gela mou)" and you may remember her duet with Giannis Parios in the song "impasse (Adiexodo)" as well as the " There's nothing (Den yparxei tipota)". She has been especially famous with this song.
Her second album, entitled ĻI am waiting for you (Esena Perimeno)" and Tonis's Kontaksakis Natalia's Germanou Charis's Varthakouris wrote the lyrics for her album.

Everybody says that she is a beautiful girl who has talent in singing. Combination very rare nowadays. Despina has not changed her behaviour from the success and prepares carefully her next steps having as purpose to give whatever she can to her fans.